June 18, 2024

Business Formations

W&W Business Formations allow our respected clientele to seek our assistance in formation of their newly conceived business ideas in Pakistan. An Idea not implemented is an idea wasted. We put you in control of your thoughts and do all the paperwork and technical work for you so that you concentate on the big picture and the bottom line.

W&W can assist you to start/form a business in pakistan alongwith requisite proper approvals and licenses.

  • A sole trader
  • A sole service provider
  • A partnership (partnership can be from two members to twenty members) usuall  Doctors, Accountants and Lawyers
  • An association not for profit
  • A associations of trader not for profit
  • Society under Society Registration Act
  • A Trust
  • A single member company
  • A private limited company
  • A public Company
  • A public unlisted company
  • A banking company
  • A non Banking Finance Company
  • Non government organisation