June 18, 2024

About W&W

WAQAR & WASI (Corporate and Legal Consultants) is a Pakistan based Law firm providing Legal, Corporate and technical business solutions through lawyers, advocates, corporate consultants while performing all the functions of a traditional law firm in Pakistan. Although legal services are the backbone to the consultancy we provide complete business solutions from Company Registration to Company Dissolution, Income Tax matters including Tax planning to Tax Returns, Patent, Copyright and Trademarks Protection, Banking, Criminal Matters Including Banking Fraud Matters And NAB Matters, Immigration Matters, Labour Matters, Civil Disputes, Documentations, Family Disputes (Divorce Cases/ Khula Cases & Maintenance Matters Etc.), Guardian Matters and more. Our Offices are Located in major cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi) however, we have affiliate lawyers and consultants working in many other cities of Pakistan to facilitate our respected clientage.

WAQAR AND WASI (W&W) established in 2016, has fast become one of the premium names in corporate and legal consultancy in Pakistan due to continued trust and professional commitment towards our clients.  Our assorted corporate clients are present both in Pakistan and abroad have deposed their trust upon us shows our experience and credibility.

The firm has introduced measures to expedite all forms of legal activity so that Clients are facilitated in all manners. We believe quality of work done should be inferior to none and done within quickest time frame. In order to provide quality service, we have established strong links with Government institutions of Pakistan, local and multinational banks in Pakistan, multinationals and national companies, local and foreign embassies and in the real estate industry in Pakistan.

To provide and accurate corporate and Legal consultancy, the law firm has acquired the services of various highly experienced and efficient Lawyers, Attorneys, Accountants, Consultants to head the different departments within our firm.

The Legal and technical team here at (W&W) has a deep understanding of Law and Practical experience in their skill set. We pay complete attention to detail and always maintain personal care when dealing with clients.

We have a definite edge over our competitors as we along with providing excellent legal and corporate advice, in and out of court, we regularly update our respected clients about potential opportunities and threats that might result from their corporate/individual decisions in the law world and always maintain their confidentiality.

If you are looking to engage a consultant/Lawyer for your corporate, Legal and/or individual needs who does not boast on their Brand Name but deliver practically and serve your interest better than WAQAR AND WASI (W&W) is the right choice for you.

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